American Charcoal Barbecue Smoker

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Fire Mountain Smoker BBQ - Chrome coated cooking grills, thermometer built into lid with offset smoke chamber for flavoring your food.
  • Chrome coated cooking grills, temperature gauge built into lid and funnel to direct smoke through the BBQ
  • Offset smoke chamber – put your charcoal and wood into here to create the smoke and main cooking chamber - put your meat or fish in here to cook slowly, absorbing the smoke flavour that flows across
  • Heat is controlled by using the vent on the side of the side box, and the cap on top of the funnel, increasing and decreasing airflow, and thereby the temperature
  • Can be used as a conventional direct BBQ grill as well - just put your charcoal in the main chamber and use like a regular grill
  • Dimensions: W 117cm x D 60cm x H 138cm Cooking Height: 79cm

The Fire Mountain heavy-duty offset smoker consists of a generous cooking chamber and robust side firebox that allows you to conveniently grill, smoke and flavour your food to perfection. The perfectly sealed, thick metal body of the offset smoker gives this BBQ an excellent heat retention rate and heat distribution.

Air outlets on this American style offset smoker allow you to adjust the airflow through the BBQ, controlling the desired flavour of your food, whilst also determining the correct amount of heat you require. You can monitor the heat levels inside the chamber with the integrated temperature gauge placed on top of the lid of the main section.

The offset smoker also includes a shelf in front where you can place your spices, ingredients and utensils you require whilst you are barbecuing. Equipped with a set of 2 wheels on one side, the Fire Mountain offset smoker can be easily moved around your garden for outdoor parties, picnics and gatherings.

You can achieve great tasting food with direct grilling, by placing the hot coals in the main chamber of the BBQ and still have a smoke infused flavour, by putting flavoured wood chips in the offset firebox. Alternatively you can simply smoke your food slowly over a few hours by keeping the main body of the BBQ, free from hot coals, and just using the firebox at the side allowing the smoke from the flavoured wood chips to travel through the main chamber and out of the chimney.

We understand the need for great tasting food, and exploring different ways to create new flavours. This year, why not try the Fire Mountain Offset Smoker and create wonderful meals for your friends and family.

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